healthy gums

The Best Tips for Healthy Gums

September 10, 2022

Our gums do some amazing things for us – from protecting the bones of your jaw to holding your teeth in place – your gums also provide an essential barrier against bacteria. In our opinion, your gums are truly the MVP of all things dental. While you may not think about all the things your […]

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woman with dental pain

Dental Emergencies: When to Call a Dentist

July 22, 2022

Roughly 2 million people visit hospital emergency departments in the U.S. annually for dental emergencies. What could be a low-cost same-day dental visit averages over $700 for an urgent hospital visit. When a dental emergency occurs you need to get to a dental office as quickly as possible. What Is A Dental Emergency? There are […]

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root canal anatomy

Everything You Need to Know About Root Canals

May 30, 2022

We hear the term and we squirm: root canal. The very words can send shivers up your spine. While no one wants a root canal, and we certainly don’t ever hear anyone electing for one, the fear that surfaces from the possibility of needing a root canal can be toned down a bit. Thanks to […]

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toothache girl

Do You Have Sinus Pressure or a Toothache?

February 21, 2022

Since the pandemic began, we have all been hyper-aware of symptoms that interrupt our daily life. Anything that causes congestion, headache, pain, and of course, a fever, we take very seriously in the post-2020 world. When it comes to sinus pain or dental issues, it can be hard to differentiate one from the other. While […]

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mother daughter brushing teeth

Is Fluoride Just for Children?

January 27, 2022

A lot of childhood health tips don’t just disappear when we turn 18 and head-on into adulthood. For instance, exercising for 30 minutes per day at least 3 times a week is still recommended for adults just as it was when we were doing gym laps in grade school. A common question we get asked […]

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Man with toothache on Halloween

How to Keep Teeth Healthy During Halloween

October 7, 2021

The night draws near when ghosts and witches fly, vampires lurk in the shadows, and creatures roam the streets. However, something else terrifying could be looming as well; cavities. Children consume nearly three full cups of sugar during Halloween festivities, and the average American adult eats 7,000 calories worth of candy! As dentists, we cringe […]

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orange juice breakfast

Why Does Orange Juice Taste Bad After Brushing?

September 8, 2021

What you decide to eat often depends on the food combination and how well it goes with your taste buds. For example, you may find bread going well with peanut butter, jam, or a fried egg. However, if you’ve tried drinking orange juice after brushing, you probably found it nasty. Understanding the Difference Between Flavor […]

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