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How to Keep Teeth Healthy During Halloween

The night draws near when ghosts and witches fly, vampires lurk in the shadows, and creatures roam the streets. However, something else terrifying could be looming as well; cavities. Children consume nearly three full cups of sugar during Halloween festivities, and the average American adult eats 7,000 calories worth of candy! As dentists, we cringe at the thought of a cavity developing on those beautiful vampire fangs. To help you keep your teeth healthy during Halloween, we have put together some tips and ‘tricks’ so you can enjoy your treats!

Say ‘Boo’ to Hard Candies

Man with toothache on Halloween

We get it. Hard candies are usually the most economical to buy when it comes to handing them out on All Hallow’s Eve. Unfortunately, they are not the best for your teeth. Hard, sticky, and gummy candy does not dissolve in your mouth and becomes stuck to the surface of your enamel. Over time, the sugar begins to erode your teeth leading to cavities and tooth decay. Instead, purchase milk chocolates that are caramel-free for your sweet trick or treaters. Chocolate melts quickly in your mouth, and the sugar gets washed away quickly by saliva. In addition, your toothbrush can easily clean off any remaining chocolate, so those pesky sugar bugs don’t wreak havoc in your mouth. A few of our favorites on Halloween are: 

  1. Dove Milk Chocolates
  2. Kit-Kat Bars
  3. Hershey Kisses
  4. Lindor Truffles
  5. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

If you do happen to find hard candies at the bottom of your treat bag, you can donate them to a good cause! Treats for Troops is a fantastic organization where kids may even earn buyback prizes for their generosity, and families will receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donation.

Enjoy Alternative Festivities and Events

While this holiday is definitely about candy, it doesn’t have to be. In San Antonio, we are fortunate to have a myriad of events to choose from for the days leading up to October 31st. So instead of going to candy town, try experiencing something new to keep your teeth healthy this Halloween.

  • Dia de Los Muertos. A thriving culture in Texas, Dia de Los Muertos is a time to focus on history, arts, music, vibrant celebrations, dance, and family. Sure, you may end up eating some treats, but you won’t go home with 24 pounds of candy. Our favorite part is the Dia de Los Muertos/ Day of the Dead River Parade at the River Walk in San Antonio. 
  • Zoo Boo at the San Antonio Zoo. You and your kids can enjoy a fun costume contest, dance parties, corn maze, pumpkin patch, scavenger hunts, and of course, all of the animals present around the facility. 
  • Spooktacular at the Doseum. A favorite for most kids around the area, the San Antonio Children’s Doseum has a fun event planned that includes hands-on learning and all-inclusive activities.

Don’t Fear the Dentist

It’s okay to be afraid on fright night, but don’t be scared of the dentist! One of the best recommendations we have for keeping your teeth healthy during Halloween is to maintain a good dental routine at home and see a dentist at least twice every year for an exam, cleaning, and set of x-rays. Any of our excellent dental providers at Premier Dental Center in San Antonio would be happy to establish dental care for you and your family. In addition, we have resources to help you keep your teeth healthy year-round. Happy Halloween!

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