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Miranda Y.
15:49 17 Apr 23
Dr. Nguyen and his team have been fantastic for me over the years. I finally got my wisdom teeth out and I was extremely nervous for the procedure but Dr....
L. Silva
18:02 28 Feb 23
The staff is very friendly and professional. Extremely knowledgeable and did a fantastic job and also very importantly are respectful towards my preferred pronouns and name. Will always choose this place over any other.
18:49 23 Jan 23
Richard Ramirez
15:37 20 Jan 23
kelsey Brewton
02:14 20 Jan 23
Jeremy Frisby
21:11 11 Jan 23
Very nice, quick and they don’t try and push extra services that you don’t actually need.
Michael Delehanty
16:37 11 Jan 23
Michelle does an outstanding job as dental hygienist. 👏
Carol Nordstrom
19:44 21 Dec 22
Megan Liverett
17:22 19 Dec 22
Jan Bricker
21:32 13 Dec 22
Terry Tx
18:27 13 Dec 22
Very thorough and professional.
Linda Blount
18:32 12 Dec 22
The hygienist Averrell thorough and very good at what they do and they don’t take very long great place to go get your teeth clean
Kristin Childs
19:56 05 Dec 22
Milo Sharkey
01:58 03 Dec 22
19:08 02 Dec 22
It was a great experience, friendly staff.... no issues whatsoever which is why I've been coming here for years.
John Stewart
17:42 09 Nov 22
Michelle is the best!
Roland Rodriguez
19:11 08 Nov 22
Alexander Humphrey
16:40 01 Nov 22
Mike Miller
22:14 27 Oct 22
Steve Tippets
21:33 27 Oct 22
Very professional staff. Equipment and techniques seem state of the art. No complaints.
Michelle Cole
12:09 25 Oct 22
Premier Dental has been wonderful! I hadn’t been to the dentist in over 2 years and had a fear of going. The entire staff from the front office, dental hygienists, and Dentists are very friendly and very helpful. Best dentist in town!
Raquel Perez
19:15 11 Oct 22
Chad Hollingsworth
14:33 10 Oct 22
Kit Mason
18:49 05 Oct 22
tsung yeh
23:19 26 Sep 22
Bill Miller
17:56 26 Sep 22
17:31 21 Sep 22
I'm a long time patient. Luv Michelle, the hygienist. Met new dentist, Dr Patel today. Very professional services. I need further work. Diane had estimate for me before I left & Michelle reviewed it w me.
Bruce Meredith
02:36 16 Sep 22
Erick Vazquez
00:54 07 Sep 22
Roy Moya
17:06 29 Aug 22
Very friendly staff!! The hygienist does a tremendous job cleaning and informing and showing improvement or concerns about my teeth. I highly recommend them!
Douglas Otto
21:16 25 Aug 22
Ragan is highly competent. She did an excellent job of cleaning my teeth and coaching me on certain aspects of my at home-daily dental care.
Yolanda Duglas
18:10 25 Aug 22
Very professional and excellent service. Friendly staff. Kudos for Michelle the dental hygienist. She's very caring and knowledgeable. Dr Nguwen is an honest, and highly skilled dentist.
Gary Newton
20:54 18 Aug 22
Brett Poteet
16:57 18 Aug 22
Tyler George
19:16 05 Aug 22
Diane Prodger
19:00 25 Jul 22
Alejandro Ortiz
19:14 21 Jul 22
harsha sri
00:39 20 Jul 22
Best service in town
Joe Green
22:03 13 Jul 22
Dr Dotson knows his stuff. Office is professional and well run.
Carl Griffin
19:59 12 Jul 22
William Etherton
14:06 11 Jul 22
Kirsty McDonald
22:16 21 Jun 22
Marie Claire Tirres
17:10 16 Jun 22
I had to switch my dentist after 38 years because now that I have Medicare insurance he did not take what I had. I had a great experience with Jackie, the dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth and Dr Dotson!
Zoe Cobb
23:04 15 Jun 22
Janet Duncan
19:24 01 Jun 22
Lydia R
22:48 31 May 22
Great staff! Always friendly and thorough. Highly Recommend
Zring Kareem
15:17 18 May 22
Melanie Garza
15:01 06 May 22
Rin Kokonoe
22:35 05 May 22
Very nice!
Coach Marie
15:30 23 Apr 22
First time at Premier Dental was a pleasant experience. Reagan was my hygienist and she was professional, friendly, and patient. Being new to San Antonio I am glad to have found a good dentist for my son and I. #HighlyRecommend
Glenn McRill
15:35 20 Apr 22
I was in very close to my appointment time. I was impressed by both the professionalism, thoroughness, and warmth of the staff.
23:14 19 Apr 22
Michael Bolin
22:02 19 Apr 22
Luis Duarte
22:53 28 Mar 22
Great patient service. Was here twice in the last week; once for an emergency procedure and the second for regular dental procedure. Both times staff was incredibly kind and helpful. They ask all the right questions and answered everything clearly. The doctor was great. Quick, gentle and knowledgeable.
Mitchell Chapman
16:33 23 Mar 22
Craig Wiggins
00:59 23 Mar 22
Professional friendly and courteous.
Regina Wessling
22:59 15 Mar 22
Appointment for teeth cleaning today, Michelle is the best! Answers all questions and makes patient feel relaxed. Office manager and front desk friendly, all make you feel welcome. Great practice!
June Wieringa
21:33 21 Feb 22
00:00 01 Feb 22
I love my dental hygienist; I’ve been coming here for over 25 years!
rose chacon
20:59 18 Jan 22
Wonderful staff
Thomas Campbell
21:10 05 Jan 22
Awesome staff, great doc, smiles all around.
Jason Wieringa
01:14 05 Jan 22
marcos Sharkey
17:21 09 Dec 21
Meredith Rokas
12:22 09 Dec 21
dennis tooker
22:39 23 Nov 21
Fast. Efficient. Attentive to patient concerns. Very satisfied. Emergency. Quickly squeezed in. Grateful.
Rosemary Kelley
17:03 17 Nov 21
Aaron Shakocius
18:33 16 Nov 21
Brooke Broll
23:45 12 Nov 21
Jillian Levinson
02:12 12 Nov 21
Thank you for taking the time to understand my dental needs and explaining everything as you were doing it. It made for a very comfortable visit. I loved being able to see my teeth up on a screen and how you shared your findings with me. Thank you Michelle and Dr. Nguyen.
Nick Johnson
17:00 19 Oct 21
Roger E
23:42 30 Sep 21
Excellent job everytime I visit, they really care and take care of me and my family. Everyone from the receptionist to the hygienists to the doctors are impressive.
Kenneth Whittaker
22:46 30 Sep 21
Bob Strachan
21:53 25 Aug 21
Michelle was very courteous, had all the right information and did a great job setting me up for my exam. Great team!!
David Rennert
18:20 11 Aug 21
Sue Campbell
19:57 02 Aug 21
Homero Talavera
00:05 30 Jul 21
Jose A Nunez
22:53 21 May 21
Troy Ellis
19:16 17 May 21
They answered all of my questions and took care of my extraction pain free. Quick and courteous.
marilyn gottschalk
17:52 10 May 21
Tom Herbison
17:10 03 May 21
Good service, on time and very friendly.
Ken Repka
17:02 28 Apr 21
Doug Small (Fresh)
23:12 22 Apr 21
An exceptionally clean and professional office. All the personnel were articulate, and provided exceptional service! I was pleased with my exam, my teeth cleaning, the counseling provided on my follow up treatment plan. Everyone was exceptional patient and took their time taken explaining everything. I definitely recommend this office and practice to anyone who needs dental care.
Denise Etherton
18:25 19 Apr 21
I detest the dentist BUT am ready, willing, and able to go for my cleaning. I am put at ease and appreciate the professionalism but personal care that I receive.
Eduardo Rodriguez
17:30 13 Apr 21
16:52 09 Apr 21
Professional and caring service! Michelle the dental Hygienist is awesome! High recommend her!
Alan Trevino
17:55 24 Mar 21
Dr. Nguyen and staff have been amazing to work with. My family and I really enjoy visiting this dental office. I have had lots of dental work done at this office and my experience has been very good. Thank you Dr.. Nguyen for getting my dental health back in order. I highly recommend you to all my family and friends. Alan T.
Ron Baum
20:54 22 Mar 21
Helpful and very thorough with the examination. Dentist and hygienist goes over the procedures and listens to your concerns!
Alebca Mithsa
18:00 03 Mar 21
David P.
11:40 16 Aug 19
I just wanted to say how amazing this place is. The entire staff is awesome! They are very kind to their patients which is a huge plus in my book. Dr....
david p.
16:00 01 Apr 19
This place is amazing and a life saver. The team their is great. I was staying at the JW Marriott on vacation with excusciating pain. I went there at 5...
Breanne S.
10:48 24 Jun 10
Some people are afraid of going to the dentist. I've never had that issue, as Dr Douglass hasn't ever given me reason to fear him. I mean, he does come at...
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